Sutors of Cromarty

Sutors of Cromarty. See Cromarty.


Sutton, a town and urban district in Surrey, 11 miles from London. Pop. (1901) 17,224.

Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge, a town of Lincolnshire, on the Nen, 7 miles N. of Wisbech. Pop. 2100.

Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield, a municipal borough of Warwickshire, 8 miles NE. of Birmingham, with an Early English church, extended in Henry VIII.'s reign and 1879. Henry VIII. gave a charter in 1529, and a new one was granted in 1885. Agriculture is the chief occupation of the neighbourhood; but the town itself is becoming a residential suburb of Birmingham. The picturesque Sutton Park (3500 acres) is a favourite picnic resort. Pop. (1851) 4574; (1901) 14,264.


Sutton-in-Ashfield, a town of Nottinghamshire, 3 miles SW. of Mansfield. It has a fine church (1390; restored 1868), hosiery manufactures, and neighbouring coal-pits and lime-works. Pop. (1881) 8523; (1901) 14,862.


Sutton-on-Sea, a Lincolnshire seaside-resort, 28 miles NE. of Boston by rail.


Suvalky, or Ssuwalki, a Polish town, 48 miles NW. of Grodno. Pop. 27,170. - Area of Suvalky government, 4846 sq. m.; pop. 605,000.

Suwanee River

Suwanee River (Soo-waw'nee), rises in southern Georgia, in the Okefinokee Swamp, and winds SSW. through Florida to the Gulf of Mexico.


Suzdal (Sooz'dal), a Russian town, 12 miles N. of Vladimir. Pop. 7000.


Svanetia. See Caucasus.


Sveaborg (Svay-aw-borg). See Helsingfors.


Svendborg. See Funen.


Svenigorodka, a town in the Russian province of Kieff, 100 miles S. of Kieff. Pop. 17,000.


Swabia (Ger. Schwaben), an ancient duchy of SW. Germany, stretching from Franconia to Helvetia (Switzerland) and from Burgundy and Lorraine to Bavaria, and mostly embraced since 1806 in Wurtemberg (q.v.). It was named from the Germanic Suevi, who drove out its Celtic inhabitants in the 1st century b.c.


Swadlincote, a town of Derbyshire, 4 miles SE. of Burton-upon-Trent. Pop. of urb. dist. 18,000.


Swaffham, a town of Norfolk, 15 miles SE. of Lynn. It has a cruciform church (1474) of great beauty, a corn-hall (1858), and an ugly market-cross (1783). Pop. 3400.

Swahili Coast

Swahili Coast, the home of the Swahili race, on the east coast of Africa, opposite Zanzibar and extending northward to Vitu.


Swale, a river in the North Riding of Yorkshire, flowing 60 miles ESE., and near Aldborough uniting with the Ure to form the Ouse (q.v.). See also Sheppey.

Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls, a waterfall on the Llugwy, Carnarvonshire, 2 1/4 miles NW. of Bettws-y-Coed.


Swanage, a pleasant little watering-place of Dorsetshire, in the 'Isle' of Purbeck, nestling in the southern curve of a lovely bay, 9 1/2 miles SE. of Wareham, but 11 by a branch-line opened in 1885. In Swanage Bay, in 877, King Alfred won England's first naval victory - a defeat of the Danes. Population, 3400. See Purbeck, and J. Braye's Swanage (1890).