Tahlequah, a small Cherokee town in the U. S. Indian Territory, 1 mile from the Illinois River.


Taimyr. See Chelyuskin.


Tain (Scand. Thing, 'a place of assembly'), an ancient royal burgh of Ross-shire, near the south shore of the Dornoch Firth, 44 miles NNE. of Inverness by the Highland Railway (1864). A ruined chapel marks the birthplace of St Duthac (c. 1000-65), whose body was brought back from Armagh in 1253; within it Bruce's queen was taken captive for Edward I., and James IV. did yearly penance here. There are also a collegiate church (1471; restored 1849-82), a court-house (1849), a public hall (1876), and an academy (1812). The population is over 2000 - 1650 in the police and parl. burgh (see Wick). See a work by the Rev. W. Taylor (1882).


Tai-wan. See Formosa.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal. See Agra.

Tajurra Bay

Tajurra Bay (Tajoo'ra), an African inlet of the Gulf of Aden, S. of Bab-el-Mandeb, on which lies the French dependency of Obock (q.v.).


Takamatsu, a seaport on the N. coast of Shikoku Island, Japan. Pop. 34,500.


Takaoka, a manufacturing town of Japan, about 60 miles W. of Nagano. Pop. 31,500.


Takasaki, an important commercial town of Japan, 60 miles NW. of Tokyo. Pop. 31,000.


Takata, a town of Japan, 30 miles N. of Nagano. Pop. 20,350.


Takazzeh. See Atbara.

Talavera de la Reina

Talavera de la Reina (Talavay'ra de la Ray'na), a Spanish town, on the Tagus, 75 miles SE. of Madrid. Here on July 27-28, 1809, Wellington defeated the French. Pop. 10,600.


Talca, capital of the province of Talca, Chili, 140 miles SW. of Santiago. Pop. 42,800.


Ta-lien-wan. See Dalny. Ta-li-fu, capital of western Yunnan (q.v.). Talisker, a Skye distillery at Carbost, 23 miles WNW. of Broad ford.


Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, 166 miles by rail W. of Jacksonville. Pop. 2983.

Talla Water

Talla Water, a tributary of the Tweed, in Tweedsmuir, Peeblesshire, on which a reservoir was completed in 1905 for a supply of water to Edinburgh.


Tamanieb. See Teb.


Tamaqua, a borough of Pennsylvania, on the Tamaqua or Little Schuylkill River, 134 miles by rail W. of New York. Pop. 7270.


Tamar, a river which through 45 of its 59 miles bounds Devon and Cornwall; its estuary in Plymouth Sound is called the Hamoaze.


Tamatave (Tamatahv'), the chief port of Madagascar, on the E. coast. Pop. 4000.


Tamaulipas (Tamowlee'pas), the northernmost of the Gulf states of Mexico (area, 29,336 sq. m.; pop. 218,950). Capital, Victoria (pop. 14,575).


Tamboff, a Russian town, 300 miles SE. of Moscow. Pop. 48,100. - Area of Tamboff government, 25,710 sq. m.; pop. 2,715,500.


Tame, a river of Warwick and Stafford shires, flowing 25 miles to the Trent.


Tammerfors, the chief manufacturing city of Finland, 50 miles NW. of Tavastehus by rail. Pop. 2S,730.


Tampa, capital of Hillsborough county, Florida, at the head of Tampa Bay (nearly 40 miles long), 240 miles by rail SSW. of Jacksonville. There is a good harbour, and the place is growing in importance. Pop. 15,850.