Tampi'co (i as ee), a Mexican seaport, on the Panuco, 9 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and 200 miles NNE. of Mexico. Pop. 16,000.


Tamsui. See Formosa.


Tana, a river of British East Africa, rising on Mount Kenia and flowing 450 miles to a bay S. of Witu. See a book by Uundas (1893).


Tana. See Thana, Tzana.


Tan'agra, an ancient city in the extreme east of ;otia, on the Asopus. Here in 457 B.C. the Spartans defeated the Athenians.


Tanais. See Don.


Tananari'vo (i as ee). See Antananarivo.


Tanderagee' (g hard), an Armagh market-town, on the Cusher, 83 miles N. of Dublin. Pop. 1444.


Tanga, an excellent German port of East Africa.


Tangier, or Tangiers (Tan-jeer', Tanjeers'; Arab. Tanja), a seaport and health-resort of Morocco, on a small bay of the Straits of Gibraltar, 38 miles SW. of Gibraltar. It is a small, ill-built town, situated on two hills, but has an extensive shipping trade, though the harbour is a mere roadstead. Tangier was taken by the Portuguese in 1471, and given to Charles II. of England as Catharine of Braganza's dowry, and England retained it till 1683. The notorious Colonel Kirke commanded the garrison, and Bishop Ken was chaplain here. It was subsequently a nest of pirates. Coal has been found. Pop. 30,000, mostly Moors and Spanish Jews.


Tan'is (Greek form of Egyptian Tan; Heb. Zoan), an ancient city in the north-east of the Delta, once the chief commercial city of Egypt. The ruins, near the S. shore of Lake Menzaleh, were in 1883-84 explored by Flinders Petrie. See his monograph (1885).


Tanjore (originally Tanjavur), a town of India, 180 miles SSW. of Madras, on a branch of the lower Kaveri. Its 14th-century great pagoda is 190 feet high. An old Hindu capital, it was a famous seat of learning and religion. Pop. 59,250.


Tansa, a small river whose valley has been impounded for the water-supply of Bombay, 65 miles to the S. The reservoir (1887-92) is 8 sq. m. in area, and the water-supply is 100,000,000 gallons per day.


Tanta, capital of a province in the delta of the Nile, 60 miles N. of Cairo, noted for its fairs and festivals and its large and costly khedivial palace. Pop. 35,000.

Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle. See North Berwick.

Taormina(Tah-or-mee'na; anc. Tauromenium), a coast-town of E. Sicily, on a rock 900 feet high, 35 miles SW. of Messina by rail. It has a splendid ruined theatre, aqueduct, etc. Pop. 4388.


Tapajos (Ta-pah'zhoce), a navigable river of Brazil, formed by the Arinos and Juruena, both rising in the S. of Matto Grosso state. Flowing 900 miles northward, it falls into the Amazon, above Santarem. Steamers run 150 miles to the lowest of several waterfalls.


Taplow, a Thames-side parish of Bucks, 1 1/2 mile E. of Maidenhead. Pop. 1029.

Tappan Bay

Tappan Bay. See Hudson.

Tappington Court

Tappington Court, a mansion near Woolton, Kent, made famous by the Ingoldsby Legends.