Taprobane (Tap-rob'a-nee). See Ceylon.


Tapti (Taptee), a river of Bombay, rises in the Central Provinces, and flows 450 miles W. to the Gulf of Cambay, 17 miles below Surat.


Tara, Hill of (Tah'ra), an eminence (507 feet) in County Meath, 7 miles SSE. of Navan. Here prior to 560 is said to have stood the hall of the kings of Ireland; and here O'Connell held a monster meeting on 15th August 1843.


Tarai, or Terai. See Himalaya.


Taranaki (Tarandh'kee), a provincial district of New Zealand, occupying the SW. corner of the North Island. Area, 3308 sq. m. - three-fourths dense forest. The soil and climate are good for rearing stock. Pop. (1901) 37,855. Capital, New Plymouth; pop. 4400.


Taranto (anc. Tarentum), a seaport of S. Italy, on a rocky islet between the Gulf of Taranto and the Mare Piccolo, 72 miles SSE. of Bari by rail. The harbour is sheltered by two small islands, San Paolo and San Pietro, the Chœrades of antiquity. The town is joined to the mainland by a six-arched bridge on the east side, and on the west by an ancient Byzantine aqueduct. There are a modernised cathedral, and a castle erected by Charles V. Pop. 25,246.


Tarapaca (Tarapakah'), the southernmost dep. of Peru till 1883, but then annexed by Chili. Area, 19,300 sq. m.; pop. 98,000. Capital, Iquique.


Tarare (Tar-ahr'), a manufacturing town of France, dep. Rhone, at the foot of Mount Tarare, 21 miles NW. of Lyons by rail. It manufactures muslins, silks, satins, plush, etc. Pop. 11,738.


Tarascon (Taraskong'), a walled town of France, in the Provencal dep. of Bouches-du-Rhone, 14 miles SW. of Avignon. It has King Rene's castle (1400) and a Gothic church (1187-14th c); but Tarascon is chiefly famous through Daudet's immortal Tartarin. It manufactures woollen and silk fabrics, 'saucissons d'Aries,' etc. Pop. 6597.


Tarawera. See New Zealand.


Tarazo'na, an episcopal city of Spain, 20 miles S. of Tudela. Pop. 8412.


Tarbag'atai (ai as i), mountains, 10,000 feet high, in Russian Central Asia, on the frontier between Semipalatinsk and Chinese Zungaria.


Tarbert, an Argyllshire seaport, 35 miles NNE. of Campbeltown. Pop.1697. See Kintyre.


Tarbert, a Kerry seaport, on the Shannon estuary, 35 miles SW. of Limerick. Pop. 410.


Tarbes (Tahrb), the capital of the French dep. of Hautes-Pyrenees, on the Adour's left bank, 30 miles ESE. of Pau by rail. It has a cathedral and a government cannon-foundry. Pop. (1881) 17,744; (1901)21,214.


Tarentum. See Taranto.


Targovica, or Targowicz, a town (pop. 2000) in the Russian government of Kieff.


Targovist. See Tergovist.


Tarifa (Tahree'fa), a Spanish seaport, the southernmost town of Europe, 21 miles SW. of Gibraltar. Still quite Moorish in aspect, it is connected by a causeway with a fortified islet, on which is a lighthouse, 135 feet above sea-level. Tarifa, the Julia Joza of Strabo, was occupied in 710 a.d. by the Moorish leader Tarif, whence its name. It was taken from the Moors in 1292, and valiantly defended against them by Guzman in 1294. Gough with 1800 British and 700 Spaniards held it successfully against 10,000 French (Dec. 1811-Jan. 1812). Pop. 11,750.