Tati. See Matabeleland.


Tattershall, a Lincolnshire market-town, on the Bain, 9 miles SSW. of Horncastle. Pop. 474.

Taunus Mountains

Taunus Mountains. See Hesse-Nassau.


Taupo, Lake. See New Zealand.


Tau'rida, a government of South Russia, bounded E., S., and SW. by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. The Crimea forms its southern portion. Area, 24,539 sq. m.; pop. 1,443,570.


Taurus, Mount. See Asia Minor.


Tavastehus, a town of Finland, on Lake Vana-jajarvi, 50 miles N. of Helsingfors. Pop. 6098.


Tavira, a Portuguese seaport, 20 miles NE. of Faro. It has sulphur-baths. Pop. 12,459.


Tavoy', the chief town of a district in Tenas-serim, Burma, on the left bank of the Tavoy River, 30 miles from its mouth. Pop. 22,400.


Tavy, a Devon river, flowing 20 miles to the Tamar. See a work by Mrs Bray (new ed. 1879).


Taw, a Devon river, flowing 50 miles, past Barnstaple, to Bideford Bay.


Tayport, a watering-place and police-burgh of Fife, on the south side of the entrance of the Firth of Tay, opposite Broughty-Ferry, and 3 miles E. by S. of Dundee. Pop. 3325.


Tchad, Lake. See Chad.


Tchelyabinsk. See Cheliabinsk.


Tchelyuskin. See Chelyuskin.


Tcherkask, (1) a town of S. Russia, on the Don, 12 miles S. of Novotcherkask (q.v.). Pop. 15,000. - (2) A town of Russia, 190 miles SE. of Kieff, on the Dnieper. Pop. 29,620.


Tchernavo'da, a town of the Dobrudja, Rou-mania, 30 miles WNW. of Kustendje, with a railway bridge across the Danube (1895). Pop. 5000.


Tchernigoff, capital of a Russian government, 85 miles NE. of Kieff. Pop. 25,580.


Teb, El, 50 miles SSE. of Suakin, was the scene, in 1884, of Osman Digna's defeat.


Teck, a principality named from a castle on 'the Teck,' a limestone peak in the Swabian Alb, 20 miles SE. of Stuttgart. Held by various families from the 11th c. on, it passed in 1498 to the Dukes of Wurtemberg. In 1863 the king of Wurtemberg conferred it on Duke Albert's son, who in 1866 married the Princess Mary of Cambridge. Their daughter, Princess May, was married in 1893 to the Duke of York.


Teddington, a town of Middlesex, on the left bank of the Thames, 13 1/2 miles (by water 18) SW. of London. Pop. (1861) 1183; (1901) 14,029.


Tees, a river rising on Cross Fell, Cumberland, and flowing 70 miles eastward, mainly between Durham and Yorkshire, to the North Sea, 4 miles below Stockton. Works carried out since 1853 have made it navigable to that town for vessels of large burden.


Tegern-See (Tay'gern, g hard), a beautiful mountain lake, 3 1/2 miles long, in the extreme south of Bavaria, 30 miles SE. of Munich.


Tegu'cigalpa, the capital of Honduras, on the Rio Grande, 3400 feet above the sea, with mountains rising round about. Pop. 18,600.


Tehama. See Arabia.


Tehuantepec (Te-wan-te-pek'), a town of Oaxaca, Mexico, 10 miles above the mouth of the river Tehuantepec; pop. 25,000. The isthmus here is only 120 miles wide, and an interoceanic canal has been dreamt of since Cortes' day. A railway across it was opened in 1894.