Tene, La, near the north end of the Lake of Neuchatel (q.v.), was the seat of a characteristic type of prehistoric culture.


Ten'edos (Bosdscha Ada), a rocky Turkish island in the Aegean, off the Troad, and 12 miles S. of the entrance to the Dardanelles. It is 8 miles long and 2 to 4 broad. Pop. 5000.

Tengri Nor

Tengri Nor. See Tibet.


Tenos, or Tino, a Greek island of the Cyclades. Area, 70 sq. m.; pop. 12,565. The capital, Tenos, is on the S. coast; pop. 2083.


Ten'terden, a municipal borough in the Weald of Kent, 13 miles SW. of Ashford and 7 1/2 S. by E. of Headcorn station. The church has a noble Perpendicular tower, built in the 15th c, and associated by legend with the Goodwin Sands (q.v.). Pop. 3250.


Tepic, a town in the Mexican territory of Tepic, 30 miles E. by S. of San Blas. Pop. 15,000.


Teplitz (Tay'plitz), a watering-place of Bohemia, in a beautiful valley near the Erzgebirge, 20 miles NW. of Leitmeritz by rail. The baths, supplied from a dozen alkalo-saline springs, are taken very hot, and are good for gout, rheumatism, etc. One spring is used for drinking. Pop., with Schonau, 24,420. Some 7000 bathers come here yearly, besides many more mere visitors.


Terai (Te-ri'). See Himalaya.


Ter'amo (anc. Interamna), an Italian cathedral city, 84 miles S. of Ancona. Pop. 8650.


Terceira. See Azores.


Terek, a stream of the Caucasus, flowing 350 miles NE. to the Caspian.


Tergovist, the former capital of Wallachia, at the foot of the Carpathians. 52 miles by rail NW. of Bucharest. Pop. 9400.


Terlizzi (Ter-lit'zee), a town of Italy, 22 miles W. of Bari. Pop. 20,442.


Termini (Ter'mi-nee; anc. Thermœ Himerenses), a seaport on the north coast of Sicily, 23 miles ESE. of Palermo by rail. Pop. 22,733.


Ternate (Ter-nah'tay). See Moluccas.


Terneuzen, a small Dutch port, in Zealand, on the S. bank of the Scheldt. Pop. 8750.


Terni (i as ee), a cathedral city of Central Italy, 70 miles NNE. of Rome by rail. About 2 miles off is the cataract of Velino, 500 feet high, celebrated in Childe Harold. Terni is the ancient Interamna Umbrica, perhaps the birthplace of Tacitus. Pop. 9415.


Terracina (Terrachee'na), a coast-town of Italy, 60 miles SE. of Rome. Pop. 10,000. Terra del Fuego. See Tierra del Fuego.


Terrano'va, a seaport on the south coast of Sicily, 60 miles W. of Syracuse. Pop. 16,440.

Terre Haute

Terre Haute (now Ter'reh Hoat), capital of Vigo county, Indiana, on the river Wabash, 72 miles S. of Chicago. Pop. (1870) 16,103; (1900) 36,673.


Territet (Ter-ri-tay'), a village adjoining Mon-treux (q.v.).


Terror, Mount, an Antarctic volcano (extinct) in South Victoria Land, 30 miles SE. of Mount Erebus. Its height is 10,900 feet.


Terschelling (Ter-skel'ling), one of the chain of islands N. of Holland. Area, 45 sq. m.