Towcester, a town, on the Tove, 8 1/4 miles SSW. of Northampton. Pop. of parish, 2775.

Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets, originally certain parishes, hamlets, and liberties without the City of London, and within the jurisdiction of the lieutenant of the Tower; now a parliamentary borough, lying E. of the City and Finsbury. Till 1885 it sent two members to parliament; since then seven for its seven divisions - Whitechapel, St George's-in-the-East, Limehouse, Mile-End, Stepney, Bow and Bromley, and Poplar. Pop. (1901) 467,259.


Townsend, Mount. See Australia, p. 62.


Towton. See Tadcaster.


Towy, a river of South Wales, flowing 64 miles to Carmarthen Bay.


Toyama, a town near the west coast of the main island of Japan. Pop. (1905) 57,500.


Tra'cadie, a Canadian fishing-town on the E. coast of New Brunswick, 35 miles E. of Bathurst, with a leper hospital. Pop. 2000.


Trafalgar, Cape (usu. Trafal'gar; prop. Trafalgar), a low Spanish promontory, 29 miles WNW. of Tarifa (q.v.) on the Strait of Gibraltar. Off it, on 21st October 1805, Nelson defeated the combined fleets of France and Spain. See Professor Laughton's Story of Trafalgar (1890).


Trafford, a Manchester suburb at the end of the Ship Canal.


Tralee', a town of Kerry, on the Lee, a mile above its mouth in Tralee Bay, and 207 miles SW. of Dublin by rail. There is a ship-canal to the sea, but the trade has decayed since larger ships took to discharging at Fenit, 5 miles off. Tralee returned a member till 1885. Pop. 9867.


Tramore, a watering-place, 7 miles S. of Water-ford. Pop. 1733.


Tranent', a police-burgh of Haddingtonshire, 7 1/2 miles east of Edinburgh. It has a fine school (1877), water-works (1883), and in the church Colonel Gardiner's grave. Coal has been mined here since 1219. Population, 2600. See P. M'Neil's Tranent (2d ed. 1884).


Trani (Trah'nee), a seaport of southern Italy, 28 miles NW. of Bari by rail, with a 12th-century archiepiscopal cathedral. Pop. 25,173.


Tranquebar', a Madras seaport, 22 miles N. of Negapatam. Danish 1624-1807, it passed to Britain in 1845 for 20,000. The first Protestant mission was established here in 1706. Pop. 6189.


Transbaikalia. See Siberia and Baikal.


Transcaspia, the Russian territories E. of the Caspian. The Transcaspian Railway was opened to Merv in 1886, to Samarcand in 1888.


Transcaucasia. See Caucasus.

Transkei Territory

Transkei Territory (Trans-ki) is a part of the Cape Colony, lying between the Great Kei River (the boundary of British Kaffraria) and Natal. Covering most of the former Kaffraria, it is now divided into Griqualand East, Tembuland, Pondoland, and Transkei Proper (Fingoland, Idutwya, and Galekaland).


Transleithania. See Austria.


Trapani (Trap'anee; anc. Drepanum), a seaport of Sicily, stands on a tongue of land 40 miles W. of Palermo, but 141 by rail. Since 1860 most of its fortifications have been removed to make room for promenades, gardens, and new streets; and the place is plentifully supplied (since 1891) with good water brought 60 miles. Pop. 32,020. Off here the Carthaginians defeated the Romans in a great naval battle (249 B.C.).