Tuam (Too'am), a town of County Galway, 130 miles NW. of Dublin by rail, on a branch of the Clare. It is the seat of a R. C. archbishop and of an Anglican bishop. Pop. 2890.


Tubingen (Tu'bing-en, nearly Tee'bing-en), an important town of Wurtemberg, 20 miles SW. of Stuttgart (35 by rail), on a ridge between the Neckar and the Ammer. It is an old place, steep and irregular; but the suburbs, especially round the new university and the railway station, have wide and spacious streets. Book-printing, bookselling, milling, dyeing, etc. are carried on. The university, founded in 1477, had Reuchlin and Melanchthon amongst its teachers. The Thirty Years' War fatally checked its prosperity; and it was not till early in the 19th c. that it began to renew its old standing. Under the theologian Baur (1826-60) it became celebrated as headquarters of the ' Tubingen School,' and both medical and philosophical faculties are distinguished. It has 94 professors and teachers, a library of 200,000 volumes (located in Duke Ulrich's Schloss, on the hill above the town, dating from 1535), and nearly 1200 students. Uhland was born and long lived here. Pop. 15,340.


Tucson (Tew'son), capital of Pima county, Arizona, on the Santa Cruz River, 978 miles by rail SE. of San Francisco, with some trade in wool, hides, stock, and gold-dust. Founded by the Jesuits in 1560, it was the capital of Arizona from 1867 to 1877. Pop. 7530.


Tucuman', a north-central province of the Argentine Republic, with an area of 8926 sq. m. and a pop. of 257,427. The capital, Tucuman, on the Rio Sil, 723 miles by rail NW. of Buenos Ayres, was founded in 1564. Pop. 50,000.


Tudela (Too-day'la), a cathedral city in the Spanish province of Navarre, on the left bank of the Ebro, here crossed by a seventeen-arch bridge, 46 miles NW. of Saragossa. Pop. 9220.


Tuge'la, a river of Natal (q.v.) and Zululand.


Tula (Too'la), a town of Russia, 110 miles S. of Moscow by rail. It manufactures iron and steel goods, especially firearms. Pop. 111,000. - Area of Tula government, 11,954 sq. m.; pop. 1,432,750.

Tulare Lake

Tulare Lake (Tu-lair; Span. pron. Too-lah-ray), in Central California, is 33 x 22 miles, and has no visible outlet.


Tuldja (Tool'ja; Roum. Tulcea), a Roumanian port in the Dobrudja, just where the Danube divides into its three main branches. Pop. 21,826.


Tuli, a tributary of the Limpopo (q.v.), flowing from Matabeleland. At Fort Tuli the trade-route and telegraph from Bechuanaland cross the river.


Tulla, a Clare market-town, 10 miles E. of Ennis. Pop. 590.


Tullamore', the chief town of King's County, Ireland, is situated on the Grand Canal, 59 miles WSW. of Dublin by rail. Pop. 4522.


Tulle (Tull, nearly Teel), capital of the French dep. of Correze, at the confluence of the Solane and the Correze, 61 miles ENE. of Perigueux. Its 12th-century cathedral was partly demolished in 1793; the chief industry now is the manufacture of small-arms. Pop. 15,250.