Tyldesley, a town of Lancashire, 10 miles NW. of Manchester, with cotton-mills and collieries. Pop., with Shakerley, 14,891.


Tyndrum (Tine-drum'), a Perthshire village, 36 1/2 miles by rail E. by N. of Oban.

Tyningham House

Tyningham House (Tin'ing-am), Haddingtonshire, 2 3/4 miles NE. of East Linton, the seat of the Earl of Haddington.

Tynwald Hill

Tynwald Hill. See Man, Isle of.


Tyree', an Argyllshire island, 19 miles NW. of Iona. Having a maximum length and breadth of 14 and 6 miles, and an area of 34 sq. m., it is treeless and flat, with a mean elevation of only 20 feet, except in the south, where three hills attain 400 feet. There are a score of fresh-water lakes. Nearly forty Scandinavian forts dot the shores, and there are also a ruined castle, nine standing stones, etc. Pop. (1831) 4453; (1901) 2192.


Tyrnau (Teer-now'; Magyar Nagy-Szombat), a town of Hungary, on the picturesque Waag valley railway, 30 miles NE. of Presburg. 'Little Rome' it used to be called, as residence of the Hungarian primates; its university (1635-1774) was transferred to Pesth. Pop. 13,830.

Tyrrhenian Sea

Tyrrhenian Sea (anc. Tyrrhenum Mare), the part of the Mediterranean between Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily on the W. and the Italian peninsula on the E.


Tzana, Tana, or Dembea, a great fresh-water lake on the high plateau of Abyssinia, south of Gondar. The greatest length is 60 miles; the breadth varies from 30 to 40. It is the main reservoir of the Blue Nile (see p. 508). The water is clear and full of fish; there are many small basaltic islands.


Tzarskoye. See Tsarskoye Selo.


UBEDA (Oo-bay'da), a town of Spain, 26 miles NE. of Jaen. It contains a large castle, and manufactures cloth, soap, and leather. Pop. 20,000. Ucayali (Oo-kl-ah'lee), a river of Peru, one of the head-waters of the Amazon, is formed by the Apurimac and Urubamba, and winds more than 1200 miles N. to the Maranon.


Uckfield, a Sussex market-town, on the Ouse, 8 miles NE. of Lewes. Pop. of parish, 2800.


Udaipur (Oodipore), or Meywar, a native state of Rajputana; area, 12,861 sq. m. ; population, 1,050,000. The capital, Udaipur (or Oodeypore), on a ridge overlooking a romantic lake, is 140 miles SW. of Ajmere; pop. 46,000.


Uddingston, a town of Lanarkshire, near the right bank of the Clyde, 7 1/2 miles ESE. of Glasgow. It manufactures ploughs, etc. Pop. (1861) 1256; (1901) 7463.


Udine (Oodee'nay), a walled town of Italy, 85 miles by rail NE. of Venice. It has a Romanesque cathedral, a beautiful campo santo, and, on a hill in its midst, a castle, formerly the residence of the patriarchs of Aquileia. Udine manufactures silk, leather, gloves, etc. Pop. 23,254.


Ufa (Oo'fa), a Russian town, 280 miles ESE. of Kazan. Pop. 49,300. - Ufa government was formed in 1865 out of part of Orenburg. Area, 47,112 sq. m. ; pop. 2,196,650.


Uffculme, a Devon village, on the Culm, 2| miles NE. of Tiverton Junction. Pop. 1806.