Ugbrooke Park

Ugbrooke Park, Devon, the seat of Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, l 1/2 mile SSE. of Chudleigh.


Uglitch (u as oo), a town of Russia, on the Volga, 58 miles W. by 8. of Jaroslav. Pop. 11,183.


Ugogo (Oogo'go), an inland province of German East Africa, between Tanganyika and the coast.


Uintah (Yoo-in'ta). See Rocky Mountains.


Uist, North (Oo'ist), an island of the Outer Hebrides, 65 miles SSW. of Stornoway. It is 18 miles long from W. to E., and 3 to 13 wide. The eastern half of it is so cut up by lochs and watercourses as to have the appearance of an archipelago - a brown, peaty, dreary bog, partly relieved, however, by a line of coast hills (1133 feet). The west part as a rule is hilly (1500 feet). Pop. 2936. - South Uist, 36 miles SW. of Loch-maddy in North Uist, Benbecula lying between them, has a maximum length and breadth of 22 and 7f miles. Its east coast is much indented by Lochs Skiport, Eynort, and Boisdale. The eastern district is hill or mountainous (2035 feet); the western alluvial and productive. Pop. 3541 crofters, almost all Catholics.


Uitenhage (now called Yoot'enhaig), capital of a district in Cape Colony, 25 miles NW. of Port Elizabeth by rail. Pop 5331.


Ujiji (Oojee'jee), a town and district (German) on the E. shore of Lake Tanganyika. The chief town is the terminus of the great caravan route from Zanzibar. See Hore's Tanganyika (1892).


Ujjain (Oojine'), a walled town of Central India, in Stadia's Dominions, anciently the capital of Malwa, and one of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus, stands on the Sipra's right bank, 30 miles N. of Indore. Pop. 41,000.


Ukerewe. See Victoria Nyanza.


Ukraine (usually Yoo'krayn; Polish, 'frontier country'), long contended for by Poland and Russia, is now Little Russia (see p. 604).


Uleaborg, a seaport of Russian Finland, stands on the Ulea's S. bank, on the E. shore and near the head of the Gulf of Bothnia. It was founded in 1605, and nearly all burned down in 1822. It has dockyards. Pop. 15,860. - Area of Uleaborg government, 63,971 sq. m.; pop. 2S3,500.


Ullapool, a Ross-shire village, on Loch Broom, 44 miles NW. of Dingwall. Pop. 700.


Ulls'water, after Windermere the largest of the English 'Lakes,' between the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, 5 1/2 miles SW. of Penrith and 11 ESE. of Keswick. Lying 477 feet above sea-level, it is 7 1/2 miles long, 1/4 to 2/3 mile broad, and 205 feet in maximum depth. It is divided into three reaches, which increase in beauty and grandeur as one goes up it from Pooley Bridge to Patterdale, a chief feature, lofty Helvellyn (q.v., 3118 feet).


Ulva (u as oo), an Argyllshire island, on the W. coast of Mull, adjoining Gometra. Area, 7 1/2 sq. m.; altitude, 1400 feet; pop. 71.


Ul'verston (locally Ooston), a Lancashire market-town, in Furness (q.v,), near the influx of the Leven estuary to Morecambe Bay, 8 1/2 miles NE. of Barrow-in-Furness and 22 NW. of Lancaster. It stands in a mining and agricultural district, has a ship-canal 1 mile long, and manufactures iron, paper, boots, etc. Pop. (1851) 6433; (1881) 10,008; (1901) 10,064.