Vitebsk', capital of a government of W. Russia, on the Western Dwina, 380 miles S. of St Petersburg by rail. Pop. 65,880 (many Jews). - Area of government, 17,440 sq. m.; pop. 1,489,250.


Viter'bo, a city in a volcanic region on the slopes of Monte Cimino, 50 miles NW. of Rome by rail, with an ancient cathedral, fine palazzi, beautiful fountains, etc. Pop. 15,279.

Viti Islands

Viti Islands. See Fiji.


Vitre (Veetray), a walled Breton town, dep. Ille-et-Vilaine, on the Vilaine, 24 miles E. of Rennes by rail. Rochers, the residence of Madame de Sevigne, is 3 1/2 miles S. Pop. 9207.


Vitry-le-Francois (Veetree-leh-Frongswah), a fortified town, in the French dep. Marne, on the Marne, 127 miles E. by S. of Paris. Pop. 7984.


Vitto'ria, capital of the Basque province of Alava, 120 miles NE. of Valladolid. The cathedral dates from the 12th c. Pop. 33,650. Wellington here defeated the French, June 21,1813.


Vitu. See Witu.


Vizagapatam' ('city of Visakha,' the Hindu Mars), a seaport in the Northern Circars, Madras, on the Bay of Bengal, 100 miles NE. of the mouth of the Godavery. Pop. 43,000.


Vizeu (Veezay'oo), a city of Portugal, 50 miles NE. of Coimbra, with a fine cathedral and Roman and Moorish remains. Pop. 8956.


Vizianagram', a town of Madras, 35 miles NE. of Vizagapatam. Pop. 38,500.


Vlaardingen (Vlahr'ding-en), a town of Holland, 5 miles W. of Rotterdam, near the New Maas, with a large herring-fleet. Pop. 16,670.


Vladikav'kaz, capital of the Terek province of Cis-caucasia, and a railway terminus, at the foot of the main Caucasus chain. The pop. has rapidly increased from 8000 to 43,850.


Vladimir (Vladimeer'), a town of Russia, on the Kliasma's left bank, 120 miles NE. of Moscow by rail. Founded in the 12th c, it was in the 14th c. practically capital of Russia. It contains many historical remains, as the Kreml and the 'Golden Gate' (1158). Pop. 19,305. - Area of government, 18,864 sq. m.; pop. 1,570,730.


Vladivostok, a town of E. Asiatic Russia, near the north limit of Corea, on Peter the Great Bay. It has one of the finest harbours in the world, is a naval station, with an arsenal, and the terminus of the overland telegraph by Irkutsk and Kiachta; here, too, in 1891 the Czarevitch cut the first sod of the great Trans-Siberian railway. Founded in 1861, it had at the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war (1904-5) a pop. of 30,000.


Vliessingen (Vleess'ing-en). See Flushing.


Vode'na, a town of Turkey, on a mountain-slope, 46 miles WNW. of Saloniki. Pop. 15,000.


Vogesen. See Vosges.

Voghera {Vo-gayra; anc

Voghera {Vo-gay'ra; anc. Iria Augusta), a town of Northern Italy, on the Staffora, 16 miles by rail SW. of Pavia. Pop. 12,794.


Voil, Loch, in Balquhidder parish, Perthshire, 3 1/4 miles W. by S. of Lochearnhead station. An expansion of the Balvag, it lies 414 feet above sea-level, and measures 3 1/2 miles by 3 furlongs.