Voiron (Vwah-rong'), a town of the French dep. Isere, 15 miles NW. of Grenoble. Pop. 8287.


Volhynia (Volhee'nia), a government of W. Russia; area, 27,743 sq. m., or larger than Greece; pop. 3,000,000. The capital is Zhitomir.


Volo, a port of Thessaly, on the Gulf of Volo, 37 miles by rail SE. of Larissa. Pop. 16,230.


Volog'da, capital of a NE. province of Russia (stretching to the Urals), on the river Vologda, 260 miles NE. of Moscow by rail. Pop. 27,391. - Area of government, 155,498 sq. m.; pop. 1,420,000.


Volsk, a town of Russia, on the Volga's right bank, 70 miles NE. of Saratoff. Pop. 37,832.


Volta, a river of Upper Guinea which, rising in the Kong highlands, runs S. between Ashantee and Dahomey to the Bight of Benin.

Volterra Volterra

Volterra Volterra (anc. Volaterrœ), a town 35 miles SW. of Pisa, with Etruscan remains. Pop. 7500.


Voltri (i as ee), a coast-town of Italy, 9 miles W. of Genoa by rail. Pop. 7358. Vorarlberg (Foar'arl-berg). See Tyrol.


Voronej, or Voronezh, capital of a Russian government (area, 25,443 sq. m.; pop. 2,546,260), on the right bank of the Voronej, 300 miles SE. of Moscow by rail. Pop. 81,150.


Vosges (Voazh; Ger. Vogesen), a range of mountains separating Alsace from the French deps. of Vosges and Meurthe and the German Lorraine, and lying partly in NE. France and W. Germany; highest summits, 4100-4677 feet.


Vosges, a mountainous dep. of NE. France, formed out of the south part of the old province of Lorraine, and bounded E. by German Alsace. Area, 2266 sq. m.; pop. (1901) 419,784.


Vostit'za, a Greek town on the Gulf of Corinth, 25 miles by rail E. of Patras. Pop. 5311.


Vranja (Vrahn'ya), a town of Servia, ceded by Turkey in 1878, 60 miles S. of Nisch by rail. Pop. 11,930.


Vratza, capital of a district in Bulgaria, 60 miles NW. of Sofia, with a bishop, a school of sericulture, and a growing trade. Pop. 15,000.


Vryburg (Vriburg; meaning in Dutch 'Free town'), capital of British Bechuanaland, near a head-stream of the Vaal River, 145 miles N. of Kimberley by rail (1890). It has government buildings, churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. Pop. 5000.


Vryheid, capital of a coal-bearing district now in the extreme north-east of Natal, transferred in 1902 from the Transvaal. Pop. 5000.


Vulcano (Vool-kah'no). See Lipari Islands.


Vultur'nus (mod. Volturno), a river of Campania, on which stood Vulturnum city.


Vyas'ma (y consonantal), a town of Russia, 110 miles ENE. of Smolensk by rail. Pop. 15,148.


Vyat'ka (y consonantal), capital of a Russian government (area, 59,117 sq. m.; pop. 3,005,795), on the river Vyatka, 280 miles NE. of Nijni-Novgorod. Pop. 24,998.


Vyernyi. See Semiretchinsk.


Vyrn'wy, a river which rises on the borders of Merioneth and Montgomery and joins the Severn 8 1/2 miles above Welshpool. In 1881-92 its upper waters were impounded for the water-supply of Liverpool, 68 miles off; creating an artificial lake of 1121 acres, 4| miles long by l 1/2 broad, and containing 2103 million cubic feet of water.