Waal (Waul). See Rhine.


Wabash (Waw'bash), capital of Wabash county, Indiana, on the Wabash River, 89 miles by rail NNE. of Indianapolis. Pop. 8620. - The Wabash River rises in western Ohio, and flows 550 miles to the Ohio River. The Wabash and Erie Canal, which passes the town, is the longest (476 miles) in the States.


Waco (Way'ko), 'the geyser city' of Texas, capital of McLennan county, on the Brazos River, crossed by a suspension bridge, 186 miles NW. of Houston. It has Baylor University, sixteen artesian wells (104° F.), and manufactures of woollens, mattresses, and saddlery. Pop. 20,686.


Wadai (Wah-di), a state of the central Soudan (q.v.), in the French sphere between Bagirmi and Dar-Fur. Pop. l 1/2 million; capital, Abesher.


Wadebridge, a small Cornish seaport, on the Camel, 7 miles NW. of Bodmin. - Pop. 2186.


Wadelai (Wah-de-li), a British post on the Upper Nile, 40 miles below its exit from the Albert Nyanza. - Old Wadelai, on the west bank, a Belgian-Congo station.


Wady (Wah'dee), an Arabic word signifying a river, a river-course, a ravine, or valley. - Wady Halfa is a place (pop. 3500) on the Nile's right bank, just below the second or great cataract. After the Soudanese rebellion this was taken as Egypt's southward limit. - Wady Musa is the modern name of Petra.

Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga, a pastoral and agricultural town of New South Wales, 309 miles SW. of Sydney by rail, with a great railway bridge over the Murruinbidgee River. Pop. 5100.


Wagram (Vah'gram), a village 10 miles NE. of Vienna, where, on 5-6th July 1809, the Austrians were defeated by Napoleon.

Wahsatcb.' Mountains. See Utah.


Waigatz (Vi'gats). See Nova Zembla.


Waikato (Wi-kah'to), the principal river of the North Island of New Zealand, flows first into Lake Taupo, and then out of it northward to Port Waikato, 25 miles S. of Manakau Harbour, with a total course of 170 miles.


Wainad. See Wynaad.


Wainfleet, a Lincolnshire town, on the Steeping, 19 miles NE. of Boston. Pop. 1246.

Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand, on the Waitomo River, running to the Waikato (q.v.).


Waitzen (Vite'zen; Magyar Vacz), a town on the Danube, 20 miles N. of Pesth. Pop. 16,800.


Wakamatsu, a town of the main island of Japan, 55 miles SE. of Niigata, with manufactures of lacquer-ware. Pop. 31,500.


Wakayama, a town of the main island of Japan, 35 miles SW. of Osaka, with important cotton trade. Pop. 70,700.


Wakhan. See Badakhshan, Afghanistan.


Wakkerstroom, capital of a district in the north of Natal, 150 miles N. of Pietermaritzburg, mostly transferred from the Transvaal in 1902. Pop. 3000.


Walcheren (Wahl'hher-en', usu. Waul'sher-en), a Dutch island at the Scheldt's mouth, with 50,000 inhabitants. The disastrous British Walcheren Expedition was undertaken in 1809.