Wal'singham, a small town of one long street and 1000 inhabitants in the north of Norfolk, 5 miles N. by E. of Fakenham. The ruined Augus-tinian priory (1016) contained a famous image of 'Our Lady of Walsingham.' Henry VIII. made the pilgrimage to it barefoot, and Erasmus' Pere-grinatio religionis ergo records his own visit.


Walsoken, a NE. suburb of Wisbeach.


Wal'thamstow, an Essex parish, 6 miles NE. of St Paul's. William Morris, the poet, was born here. Pop. (1851) 4959; (1901) 95,125.


Walton-on-Thames, a Surrey village, 17 miles (by water 28) SW. of London. Its church has some interesting monuments, and Lilly, the astrologer, is buried here. Pop. 10,329.


Walton-on-the-Naze, an Essex watering-place, 7 miles S. of Harwich. Pop. 2014.

Walvisch Bay

Walvisch Bay (Dutch, 'Bay of Whales'), anglicised as Walflsh or Walwich Bay, a territory of 480 sq. m. on the W. coast of Africa, 420 miles N. of the Orange River's mouth. Declared British in 1878, and annexed to Cape Colony in 1884, it is surrounded by German Damaraland. The bay affords a safe anchorage. Pop. 1020.


Wandsbeck (Waunds'beck), a NE. suburb of Hamburg. Pop. 30,000.


Wandsworth, a metropolitan borough of the city of London. Pop. (1901) 232,034.


Wanganui (Wang-ga-noo'ee), a port of New Zealand, 135 miles N W. of Wellington. Pop. 7330.


Wanks. See Honduras.


Wanlockhead, a mining village of Dumfriesshire, 8 1/2 miles ENE. of Sanquhar. Pop. 624.


Wansbeck. See Morpeth.


Wanstead, an Essex urban district, 7 miles NE. of London. Pop. (1901) 9179.


Wan'tage, a market-town of Berkshire, in the Vale of the White Horse, 26 miles W. of Reading. A steam tramway (1875), the first in England, and 2 1/2 miles long, connects it with Wantage Road station; and it has a good 14th-century church, a corn exchange (1865), a grammar-school (1597; rebuilt 1850), an Anglican home for penitents, and a marble statue (1877) of King Alfred, who was born here, by Count Gleichen. Bishop Butler was also a native. Wantage manufactures farm implements. Pop. 3850.


Wantsome. See Thanet.


Wapping, a Thames-side parish of E. London.


Warasdin (Varasdeen'), an Austrian cathedral city in Croatia, on the Drave's right bank, 35 miles NE. of Agram. Pop. 13,700. Warasdin-Toplitza warm sulphurous spring is 7 miles SW.

Wardour Castle

Wardour Castle (a as o), Wiltshire, 15 miles W. of Salisbury, the Grecian mansion (1789) of Lord Arundell of Wardour.


Ware, a market-town of Herts, on the Lea, 2 1/2 miles ENE. of Hertford. It has a fine cruciform church, remains of a priory (1233), great malting establishments, and memories of Godwin and 'John Gilpin.' St Edmund's Catholic College (1769), with a chapel of 1850 by Pugin, is at Old Hall Green, 5 miles NNE.; and the Great Bed of Ware was in 1869 removed to Rye House. Pop. (1851) 4882; (1901) 5573. See, for the college, a work by the Very Rev. B. Ward (1893).


Ware, a town of Massachusetts, on Ware River, 74 miles by rail W. of Boston, with cotton and woollen factories. Pop. 8329.