Westmeath, an inland county of Leinster, Ireland, between Meath and Roscommon. Greatest length NE. and SW., 45 miles; greatest breadth, 25 miles; area, 453,468 acres. The surface is for the most part level, the hilly district in the north not exceeding 710 feet. Of the numerous lakes, one chain belongs to the basin of the Shannon, which river forms with them the western boundary; the other, towards the east, flows into the basin of the Boyne. The Royal Canal traverses the county. The soil is a deep loam, producing good pasture for cattle. There is little tillage. The chief towns are the capital, Mullingar, and Athlone, which is partly in Roscommon. The county returns two members. Westmeath anciently formed a portion of the kingdom of Meath (q.v.), but in Henry VIII.'s reign was erected into a separate county, and at first included Longford and part of King's County. Many Anglo-Norman and some Celtic antiquities are found in this picturesque county. Pop. (1841) 141,578; (1861) 90,879; (1881) 71,798; (1901) 61,629 - 56,673 Catholics.