Work'sop, a town of Nottinghamshire, on the river Ryton and the Chesterfield Canal, 16 miles ESE. of Sheffield and 23 N. of Nottingham. It lies near the northern extremity of Sherwood Forest (q.v.), in a district known as the 'Dukery,' from the number of ducal seats. There is Worksop Manor, in whose predecessor (destroyed by fire in 1761) Mary, Queen of Scots, was a prisoner under the Earl of Shrewsbury, and which, formerly a seat of the Duke of Norfolk, was purchased in 1840 for 350,000 by the Duke of Newcastle. His, too, is Clumber Park (q.v.), and there are also Welbeck Abbey (q.v., Duke of Portland) and Thoresby Park (till 1773 Duke of Kingston, now Earl Manvers). Worksop church was that of an Augustinian priory (1103), of which there is also a Decorated gateway; but a Norman keep has vanished. Modern buildings are the corn exchange (1S54) and the Mechanics' Institute (1852). Malting is the chief industry, with brass and iron founding, and manufactures of chemicals, agricultural implements, etc. Pop. (1851) 7058; (1901) 16,112. See works by J. Holland (1726), R. White (1875), and Sissons (1888).