Wyke Regis

Wyke Regis, a Dorset village, 2 miles WSW. of Weymouth.


Wylam, a Northumbrian village, 8 1/4 miles W. of Newcastle. George Stephenson was a native.


Wymondham (Wind'ham), a Norfolk market-town, 9 1/2 miles WSW. of Norwich. It has a curious market-cross and the church of a priory (1130). Kett was a native. Pop. of parish, 4734.


Wy'naad, or Vayanad, a highland district in the Western Ghats, about 3000 feet above sea-level. Its auriferous quartz began to be worked as a gold-field about 1865, and absorbed in 1876-86 millions of British capital.


Wynberg (Wine'berg), a town on the SE. slopes of Table Mountain, 8 miles SE. of Capetown (of which it is a suburb) by rail, in a rich wine-growing country. Pop. 18,500.


Wynyard (Win'yard), the Grecian mansion of the Marquis of Londonderry, in Durham county, 5 miles NNW. of Stockton-upon-Tees.

Wyoming Valley

Wyoming Valley, a beautiful, fertile valley on the Susquehanna River, in north-eastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles long by 5 wide. From 1754 on, its possession was disputed by Pennsylvanian and Connecticut settlers; Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming recounts, not without mistakes, the bloody struggle on June 30-July 5, 1778, during the revolutionary war, against an invading force of 'Tories' and Seneca Indians. The valley is very rich in anthracite coal.


Wyre, a river of Lancashire, flowing 28 miles south-westward to the Irish Sea at Fleetwood.

Wyre Forest

Wyre Forest, in NW. Worcestershire, near Bewdley, is the S. part of the Severn coalfield.


XALAPA. See Jalapa.


Xanthus (x as z), the capital of ancient Lycia, on the river Xanthus, 8 miles from its mouth. In 1838 Sir C. Fellows explored its remains.


Xenia (Zen'ia), a town of Ohio, on the Little Miami River, 65 miles NNE. of Cincinnati. It has a Methodist college, the state Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan Home, etc. Pop. 8700.


Xeres, or (1) Jerez de la Frontera (Hay'reth de la Frontay'ra), the centre of the sherry trade of Spain, 14 (by rail 30) miles NE. of Cadiz, with a Moorish castle (Alcazar), and many large bodegas or wine-stores. The Asta Regia of the Romans, it owes its modern name to the Moors, who near by in a seven days' battle defeated Roderic, the last of the Goths, in 711. Pop. (1900) 60,850. - (2) Xerez de los Caballeros (Hayreth de los Cavalyay'ros), 40 miles S. of Badajoz, is a picturesque old town, once a seat of the Templars (hence the name). Pop. 10,100.


Xesibeland (Zes'ibey-land), between Griqua-land East and Pondoland, was annexed to Cape Colony in 1886.

The. See Amsterdam, Zuider Zee. Yablon'ovoi, or Yablonoi, a ridge of mountains in NE. Asia, dividing the Amur basin from that of the Lena. Some peaks are 7000 feet high. Yair, the ancient seat of the Pringles, on the Tweed, 5 miles NNW. of Selkirk.


Yakutsk (u as oo), a town of Eastern Siberia, on a branch of the Lena, 4 miles from the main stream. Pop. 6800. - Area of Yakutsk government, 1,533,397 sq. m. (equal to four-fifths of European Russia); pop. 270,000.