Yalta, a Crimean seaport, 3 miles E. of Livadia (q.v.). Pop. 13,300.


Yalu, the frontier-river between Corea and Manchuria, flowing 300 miles SW. to the Bay of Corea. The passage was forced by the Japanese, and the Russians driven back in May 1904; and in the estuary a Japanese fleet had defeated a Chinese one in 1894.


Yamagata, an important commercial town on the main island of Japan, 30 miles W. by S. of Sendai. Pop. 40,248.


Yanaon, a small patch of Indian soil belonging to Fiance, and under the governer of Pondi-cherry, forming a small enclave surrounded by British territory (Madras), with 3 1/2 sq. m. of area and 4S70 inhabitants. It lies near the mouth of the Godavari.


Yanina. See Janina.


Yank'ton, capital of a county in South Dakota, and prior to 1883 capital of the territory of Dakota, stands on the Missouri's N. bank, nearly 200 miles above Omaha, and 569 by rail W. by N. of Chicago. It contains mills and breweries, railway-shops, and grain elevators. Pop. 4150.


Yare, a Norfolk river, flowing 50 miles E. past Norwich, to the sea at Yarmouth.


Yarkand', the commercial capital of Eastern Turkestan, on the Yarkand or Zerafshan River, 100 miles SE. of Kashgar. It was visited by Marco Polo, but was hardly known till R. Shaw in 1871 published an account of his residence there three years before. Pop. 90,000.


Yarm, a market-town in the North Riding of Yorkshire, on the Tees, 4 miles SSW. of Stockton. Pop. 1600.


Yaroslav. See Jaroslav.


Yarrow, a Scottish stream famous in song and ballad, that rises at the meeting-point of Peebles, Dumfries, and Selkirk shires, and flows 25 miles north-eastward till it joins the Ettrick, 2 miles above Selkirk town. About 5 miles from its source it expands into first the Loch of the Lowes (1 by 1/4 mile) and then St Mary's Loch (3 by 1/2 mile; 814 feet above sea-level), the two being separated only by a neck of land on which stands Tibbie Shiels's hostelry. Under Selkirkshire have been noticed a few of the many memories of that hill-girt lake and the deep swirling stream; and reference may be also made to Angus's Ettrick and Yarrow (1894) and Borland's Yarrow, its Poets and Poetry (1890), the poets including Hamilton of Bangour, Logan, Hogg, Scott, and Wordsworth. Yassy. See Jassy.

Yazoo City

Yazoo' City, a town of Mississippi, on the Yazoo River (a tributary of the Mississippi), 45 miles by rail N. by W. of Jackson. Pop. 4950.


Yeadon, a town of Yorkshire, England, on the Aire, 6 miles NW. of Leeds by rail, with woollen manufactures. Pop. 7060.


Yedo. See Tokyo.


Yeisk (Yisk), or Eisk, a seaport of the Caucasian province of Kuban. Pop. 35,500.


Yekaterinburg. See Ekaterinburg.


Yelisavetgrad. See Elizabetgrad.


Yell, one of the Shetland Islands, 25 miles N. of Lerwick. Area, 8l 1/2 sq. m.; greatest height, 672 feet; pop. 2511.