Yellala Falls

Yellala Falls (Yel-lah'la), the lowest of a series of falls or rapids which interrupt the navigation of the Congo (q.v.) near Vivi, 110 miles from the mouth of the river.

Yellow River

Yellow River. See Hoang-ho.

Yellow Sea

Yellow Sea, or Whang-hai, an important inlet of the Pacific Ocean, washes the Corea and the north part of the east coast of China; it terminates on the NW. in the Gulf of Pe-chi-li. It is becoming shallower from the quantity of alluvium borne down into it by the rivers Hoang-ho and Yang-tsze.


Yemen. See Arabia.


Yenikale (Yen-i-kah'ley). See Kertch.


Yenisei (Yen-i-zay'ee), one of the largest rivers of Siberia, formed by the junction of the Shishkit and Beikhem, which rise in the mountains on the southern border of Siberia. It flows north through the centre of Siberia into the Arctic Ocean, forming at its mouth a long estuary, and has a total course of 3200 miles. It is navigable 1850 miles to Minusinsk. Its chief tributaries are the Angara or Upper Tunguska from Lake Baikal and the Lower Tunguska. See Seebohm's Siberia in Asia: a Visit to the Valley of the Yenesay (1882).


Yeniseisk (Yen-i-zay'eesk), a town of Eastern Siberia, on the Yenisei River. Pop. 11,550. - Area of Yeniseisk government, 987,186 sq. m.; pop. 558,572. Its capital is Krasnoyarsk.


Yeo, a river of Dorset and Somerset, flowing 24 miles to the Parret at Langport.


Yeovil (Yo'vil), a municipal borough of Somerset, 40 miles S. of Bristol and 123 WSW. of London, is a busy, handsome place, built of red brick and yellow stone, and situated on a hillside sloping to the Yeo. St John's Church, 'the Lantern of the West,' is a fine Perpendicular structure of the 15th c, restored in 1864, with a tower 90 feet high. A Grecian town-hall was built in 1849. The woollen industry belongs to the past; but the manufacture of kid and other gloves is largely carried on. Yeovil, which lost 117 houses by fire in 1449, is a borough by prescription, since 1853 under the Municipal Act. Pop.(1861) 7957; (1901) 9861.


Yesso. See Japan.


Yet'holm, a Border village of Roxburghshire, at the foot of the Cheviots, 7 1/2 miles SE. of Kelso. Bowmont Water divides it into Town-Yetholm and Kirk-Yetholm, the latter long the headquarters of the Scottish Gypsies, who seem to have settled here as early at least as the 17th century. Pop. 570. See works by Baird (1862), Lucas (1882), and Brockie (1884).


Yezd, or Yazd, a city near the centre of Persia, on a small oasis, and on the route between Ispahan and Kerman. Pop. 45,000 - 3000 Parsees.


Yez'o. See Japan.


Yilgarn. See Western Australia.


Ynyscynhaiarn, the parish in which is Port-madoc (q.v.).


Yokosuka, an important shipbuilding town and naval station of Japan, 13 miles S. by W. of Yokohama. Pop. 25,000.


Yonkers, a city of New York State, on the Hudson River, opposite the Palisades, and 15 miles by rail N. by E. of the centre of New York, of which it is a suburb, the boundaries touching. Pop. 50,000.