This is a similar plant, but handsomer, with much larger flowers, duller in coloring and striped not spotted. Instead of a spur the base of the sepals is swollen over the ovary, which develops gradually into an oblong fruit to which the flower still clings, so that the older flowers, on the lower part of the stalk, give an odd effect of having long, swollen necks. The seeds are small and numerous. There are other kinds, similar in general effect.

There are numerous kinds of Limnorchis; the lower leaves clasping or sheathing the stem; the flowers mostly in spikes or racemes; sepals nearly equal, petals mostly smaller than the sepals; lip spreading or drooping, not toothed or lobed, with a spur. The Latin name means "marsh-dweller."

Coral root  Corallorrhiza multiflora.

Coral-root- Corallorrhiza multiflora.

Coral Root Corallorrhiza Bigelowii Reddish Yellow  69Coral Root Corallorrhiza Bigelowii Reddish Yellow  70Coral Root Corallorrhiza Bigelowii Reddish Yellow  71Flowers of C. Bigelowii

Flowers of C. Bigelowii. ORCHID FAMILY. Orchidaceae.