Deciduous trees or shrubs. Twigs rather slender, zigzag, terete; pith more or less 5-angled, continuous, pale. Buds moderate, sessile, solitary, elongated, with about 6 often twisted scales. Leaf-scars alternate, crescent-shaped or U-shaped; bundle-traces 3; stipule-scars none.

Fig. 137. Amelanchier sanguinea

Fig. 137. Amelanchier sanguinea.

Fig. 138. Amelanchier humilis

Fig. 138. Amelanchier humilis.

Fig. 139. Amelanchier arborea

Fig. 139. Amelanchier arborea.


Low shrubs, 0.3-8 m. high

b. Stoloniferous, the individual stems scattered or loosely colonial


A. humilis

b. Not stoloniferous

c. Straggling, slender, often arching shrubs, the stems solitary or few in a clump


A. sanguinea

c. Stems several together, loosely caespitose-fastigiate; bog plants


A. bartramiana


Trees, up to 20 m. high

b. Leaves densely pubescent in the bud


A. arborea

b. Leaves glabrous or only slightly pubescent in the bud


A. laevis

1. A. humilis Wieg. Low Serviceberry. A stiffly upright shrub or small tree 0.3-8 m. high, growing in patches from rhizome-like bases (stoloniferous), the individual stems scattered; buds 4-9 mm. long, dull. Rocky banks, often calcareous, Quebec to Minnesota and South Dakota, south to West Virginia and Ohio (Fig. 137).

2. A. sanguine a Pursh. Roundleaf Serviceberry. A straggling or arching slender shrub 1-2.5 m, high, 3 cm. or less in diameter, not stoloniferous and not rming colonies, the stems solitary or few in a clump; branchlets red or reddish-brown;buds slender, reddish-brown, 6-7 mm. long, dull. Open woods or rocky slopes, Quebec and Ontario, south to Iowa, Michigan, and North Carolina (Fig. 138).

3. A. arborea (Michx.) Fernald. Juneberry. Common Serviceberry. Downy Serviceberry. "Sarvis". (A canadensis of authors, not Medic). An irregular bushy tree 5-20 m. high, the trunk up to 4 dm. in diameter; leaves densely pubescent in the bud; buds 6-13 mm. long. Rich woods, New Brunswick to Minnesota, south to Florida, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our most common and widely distributed species (Fig. 139).

Fig. 140. Amelanchier laevis

Fig. 140. Amelanchier laevis.

Fig. 141. Amelanchier bartramiana

Fig. 141. Amelanchier bartramiana.

4. A. laevis Wieg. Smooth Serviceberry. A tree 13 m. high or less; leaves sparingly pubescent or glabrous in the bud; buds 0.9-1.7 cm. long. Thickets, Newfoundland to Ontario, south to Iowa and Illinois and in the mountains to Georgia (Fig. 140 ).

5. A. bartramiana (Tausch) Roemer. Glade Serviceberry. (A. oligocarpa (Michx.) Roemer). A shrub 0. 5-2. 5 m. high, the stems several together, loosely caespitose-fastigiate; leaves imbricate in the bud. Bogs and moist slopes, Labrador to Ontario and Minnesota, south in the mountains to West Virginia (Fig. 141).