Loosely branched spreading deciduous shrubs. Twigs somewhat 4-sided, moderate; pith moderate, more or less excavated between the nodes. Buds moderate, becoming multiple, fusiform, sessile, with about 6 pairs of scales. Leaf-scars opposite, shield-shaped, rather small, raised; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars absent. The showy yellow bell-shaped flowers appear in February or March.

Fig. 282. Forsythia viridissima

Fig. 282. Forsythia viridissima.


Pith solid at the nodes, excavated between the nodes


F. suspensa


Pith all chambered, or in older twigs, ail excavated


F. viridissima

1. F. suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl. Weeping Golden-bells. Shrub to 3 m. high; branchlets pendulous; pith solid at the nodes, but excavated between the nodes. Introduced from Asia, sometimes spreading slightly from cultivation;

2. F. viridissima Lindl. Greenstem Golden-bells. Shrub to 3 m. high; branchlets green, ascending; pith chambered or finally all excavated. Introduced from Asia, spreading slightly from cultivation (Fig. 282 ).