Magnolias are rather formal trees that should be planted in pairs to appear to the best advantage. Very good varieties are soulangeana and conspicui, of very much the same shape and bearing the same kind of flowers, except that the petals of soulangeana have a dark red base. These trees blossom before they throw out their leaves, the end of April, and are often nipped by the frost, when the flowers turn an uninviting brown. There is a shrub-like variety of Magnolia, stellata, which is rather slow to develop. The flowers are star shaped and are borne in great profusion, covering the branches. This variety is most effective on the edge of a wood treated as a large shrub. Magnolias should always be transplanted in the Spring; and they will take a year, and sometimes two, to get over the effects of moving and start growing again.

Magnolias on the Terrace, Virginia

Magnolias on the Terrace, Virginia.