Philadelphus Coronarius, or Mock-orange, is a good shrub to use with Lilacs; it is generally seen with them hanging over an old picket fence, or leaning from the top of a bank. Its blossoms have the same odour as the orange flower, from whence its popular name is derived. Old specimens can be moved easily, but they grow rapidly and should be pruned vigorously into shapeliness. Do not put Syringas in clumps, as they have too much character to be used in that way. It should hardly be placed in the garden, but will look well in front of the house in the same way that Lilacs are used.

The oldest and best Weigelia is the rosea. In June its branches are weighed down with crushed-strawberry coloured flowers, and it blooms again later in the season. It is easy to grow and develops quickly, but it is not so desirable as either the Lilac or Mock-orange; do not crowd out anything else to make room for it. The other Weigelias do not compare to it.