To-day I mail you two Russian apples, called Grusscheppka sladkaja. Some few years ago I put in a lot of Russian apple grafts. This is the second year of bearing. They are all summer or autumn fruit. I don't think them very valuable or profitable fruit, except this one. It is a very handsome-looking fruit, and of fair quality; tree a medium grower; leaves of a yellow green; very productive; different from any variety 1 have ever seen; the limbs covered with short spurs, and on each spur an apple, so that the whole length of the limb is covered with fruit as close as they can stick on. Apple crop light here this season.

[The apple measured eleven inches round, of a clear, waxy white - much whiter than Primate,. Cooper's Early, or others of that class. The flesh is almost snow white, very tender, and, though rather dry, is a pleasant sub-acid. It ought to make a good August cooking apple. - Ed. G. M].