The singular neglect of our beautiful American trees in England, seems to extend to our pretty herbaceous plants. Sir Joseph Hooker, in a recent number of the Botanical Magazine, says: "It is indeed astonishing that the Asters, Helianthus, Rudbeckias, Silphiums, and numberless other fine North American herbaceous plants, all so easily grown and so handsome, should be neglected in English gardens, and this in favor of carpets, hearthrugs and ribbons - forming patterns of violent colors which, though admired from being the fashion on the lawn and borders of our gardens and grounds, would not be tolerated on the floor of a drawing-room or a boudoir." This is the just appreciation of the value of hardy plants which one might expect from a traveler who has seen so many of the most beautiful and distinct of hardy plants " at home " in all the quarters of the world.