In conversation with Mr. Bayley Potter, the distinguished English Member of Parliament, who has recently been making observations through this county, in answer to questions by the writer of this as to his impressions, he thought Americans superior in many respects to his own countrymen, while in others they seemed to be deficient. Among other things he thought Americans more industrious, but less disposed to take time to enjoy the fruits of their labors than his own countrymen were. This seems to us particularly true as regards gardening. Even many who have gardens, and gardeners, take but little personal interest in what is going on, while English ladies and gentlemen are constantly employed. We are reminded of this by the following paragraph.

" The Marquis of Drogheda is reported to have met with a rather serious accident lately while pruning some shrubs in his pleasure gardens at Moore Abbey, Co. Kildare. In making a blow at a stump, he unfortunately missed the wood and struck his foot, inflicting a severe gash, but the wound is not dangerous".