Mr. E. W. Lincoln, Secretary. It is always a pleasure to receive these annual proceedings, and we can envy a society which has so intelligent a gentleman and enthusiastic horticulturist for secretary, whose report is one of the leading attractions of the volume. We learn that this society was incorporated on the 3rd of March, 1842, and that Anthony Chase, the last of the incorporators passed away last year. He was particularly distinguished for his love of testing new fruits. Mr. L. shows well how botany and horticulture is year by year forming a closer union, and how in the future they must go on hand in hand together if we are to derive from horticulture all the pleasure it is capable of affording. In this connection Professor Good-ale gave a course of four lectures before the society last year, in which the relations of botany to horticulture were ably set forth. Abstracts of these lectures form part of this volume. In this connection we may note that botanical addresses on the objects exhibited, are now becoming some of the most popular features with some of our progressive horticultural societies.