The progress of Botany in Philadelphia, of late years, has been very satisfactory to the devotees of this interesting science. Different individuals and societies have vied with each other to such an extent, that between one and another almost anything we may need in either botanical works for reference or botanical specimens for comparison, can be examined, - for it is pleasant to say that most of the possessors of this rich material feel that they hold their treasures "for the benefit of the whole community." Among the recent additions to these botanical riches are the herbariums of Dr. Rugel, who collected for the celebrated Shuttleworth, and of Dr. Zeno Pitcher, in whose honor Salvia Pitched and Clematis Pitcheri were named. These have been purchased by Isaac C. Martindale, who though of Camden, N. J., is regarded by Philadelphia botanists as "one of them." These original herbariums are always regarded as of immense importance by those who have to compare disputed plants with an author's original collections.