Your correspondents have a good deal to say about the new coleuses. Let me say a word for Pharo. I have twenty-four kinds of new coleuses which for want of room are wintered in three-inch pots. Some of them were so pretty that I arranged them here and there among the flowering plants in a dull, close conservatory. After a few weeks' stay, with the exception of Pharo, all lost their brilliance, and many of them their lower leaves. But Pharo appears rapturous throughout, brightly colored, stocky and substantial, its crimson and yellow leaves appearing among the other plants as pretty as blossoms. Glory of Autumn is, under favorable circumstances, the most brilliantly colored plant I know of. Some of the others are very "washy," but for the purpose I most desire them - winter effect - I would not exchange Pharo for the whole lot of them. Spotted Gem does well out of doors around Boston.