I thought a few notes on the effects of the pas winter might not be amiss at this time. Picea Parsonsiana was slightly browned; Nordman-niana much marbled, with loss of half its leader; oasiocarpa slightly browned; Pichta unhurt; cilicica slightly browned, and Cephalonica badly injured, with loss of entire leader; Numidica killed root and branch; nobilis considerably browned and top partly killed; grandis slightly and amabilis badly browned; Abies Engel-manni had not one spine discolored; and although Orientalis was badly browned it was otherwise uninjured. Alcoquiana was untouched polita was slightly browned; but Williamsoni Canadensis, Macrophylla, pendula and Silver-leaved all unhurt. Menziesii was killed outright. Taxus elegantissima was badly injured, and Cupressus Lawsoniana badly browned. Thujiopsis borealis got through uninjured. Ille-opaca though badly browned was otherwise uninjured. Retinospora pisifera was not discox ored, but plumosa was badly browned as also was aurea. Pisifera was badly injured. Biotas and Thujas generally escaped with but a slight browning. Mahonia Japonica and Bealii were killed to the ground. Magnolias all passed pretty well; some had most of their flower buds killed; Thompsoniana was entirely uninjured, and has bloomed finely.

All the Birches have escaped uninjured; as also did Alnus imperialis. Cercis Canadensis, sixteen feet high, was killed to the ground; Japonica was killed to the ground, as it is every hard winter. Salisburia adiantifolia and macrophylla, seventeen feet high, and variegata, six feet, were unhurt. Phillodendron amurense, five feet, killed to the ground. Junipers glauca, Japan, American, viridis pendula, Swedish and varieties, and Chinese uninjured, but aurea was badly browned. Five varieties of the variegated had all the green unhurt, but the variegation was badly injured. Populus variegata uninjured. A specimen of Dimorphanthus Mandschurica on high ground was killed to the ground, but one or two others were uninjured. Of Japan maples atropurpurea had its top partly killed; pinnatifolium atropurpureum, top partly killed; roseum pictum and reticulatum killed, Vir-gilia lutea, Taxodium distichum and pendulum were unhurt, and Liquidambar but slightly cut Vines, Wistaria sinensis unhurt; multijuga killed to the ground. Ampelopsis Veitchi was killed to the'ground.and Euonymus radicans badly injured. Lonicerias mostly passed well, and Quercus Concordia was unhurt. Of Cercidiphyllum Japoni cum I received one plant last spring. It was quite out in leaf.

I planted it out and it has made shoots already over one foot long, and has every appearance of being hardy. It is a splendid tree with small, very handsome leaves.