Prof. Burrill has shown that a solution of Paris green engined over an apple tree about the time the codling moth appears, is a certain security against this destructive insect. By the time the fruit is fit for use, all trace of the poison has disappeared. Few persons, however, would like to use this terrible poison in this way, notwithstanding the insurance. There might not possibly be rain enough to wash it all away before use.

In the February number of the American Naturalist, Prof. Riley gives some details of carefully conducted experiments, showing that Pyrethrum powder is certain death to cabbage caterpillars and the potato beetle. One tablespoonful of powder was used to two gallons of water. In five minutes all the larvae (ten cabbage caterpillars) were on their backs. There is no reason why the same may not be applied to the codling moth, if the Paris green be effectual. At any rate it is worth trial.