The following was not intended for publication, but is on that account the more just a tribute to the excellent correspondents alluded to, and we stretch a point in courtesy which does not permit of publishing private letters without authority, - hoping it will not offend our correspondent, whose name, however, we withhold. Assured that they will be agreeable correspondents we have sent the full address of C. H. S, to him: -

"Your articles and notes on orchids (tropical) are splendid and very instructive. Prof. Falconer is always entertaining but in his article on page 99 he is extra. The article by C. H. S, page 41, is also a splendid paper and one we always enjoy even if we cannot profit by his (?) writings. I hope he will write oftener even if he does not write very much each time. If I had his address I would venture to correspond with him, for I always profit so much by such correspondence, personally. Prof. Falconer writes so often that I almost seem to know him, and I never read any of his notes without learning something, or at least confirming a previously formed opinion."