The meeting in Cincinnati was a great success, viewed either in point of distinguished attendance, value of the papers read, and the influence which the meeting will have in educating the community to an appreciation of the national forestry wants. In view of the general beneficial influence which will result, it will be perhaps fair not to criticise too closely the character of many of the papers read. To our mind the Forestry question is a very narrow one. Everybody knows that timber is of the first importance to a community. Everybody wants trees planted, but everybody wants somebody else to plant them.

What we want to know is, will it pay individuals to plant trees? If so where and how? If it can be demonstrated that it will not pay any individual without State aid, what and how should this aid be granted?

In regard to existing forests, what should be done to prevent forest fires?

So far as we can learn nothing was done in this practical direction. How the springs dry up ; how the Chinese eat one another in punishment for cutting away forests; how many hundred thousand millions of feet of boards we may yet cut from our forests ; how many forest schools Europe has; all these and similar topics were deservedly well ventilated. A memorial to Congress to establish a forestry school near Minneapolis, seems to be all the official result of the meeting. Another is to be held at Montreal in August, a week before the meeting of the American Association, when it will probably turn to more practical work.

As noted in our last, this Association, in connection with the National Forestry Congress, will meet at Cincinnati from April 25th to 29th. Dr. Warder has been untiring in the endeavor to secure a full attendance, and has been so successful that the meeting promises to be one of the most valuable in its results. Every one feels the need of more attention to our forestry interests; but just what should, or what can be done, has not been well denned. Some important, practical suggestions will no doubt be the result of this promising meeting.