"C." says: "In the last number of the Gardener's Monthly, Prof. Riley takes you to task for erring in the orthography Septem-decim. He says you should have written it Septen decim. I wonder you did not think to say that he himself uses the same orthography he charges you as in error with. At page 479, 1881, American Naturalist, is a chapter presumably from his pen, at least under his editorial supervision, in which Septem-decim occurs five times, and Septen-decim not once".

[The Gardener's Monthly did not overlook the paragraph referred to in the Naturalist, for indeed the one criticised by Prof. Riley was made from the chapter referred to. But we believe in being generous to correspondents, and were perfectly willing to let Prof. Riley's criticisms go without comment so long as they communicated valuable information, which was the case in the article he kindly furnished us. - Ed. G. M].