This peach originated near Harrisburg, Pa., in 1874. being a seedling of Late Crawford. It is of very large size, specimens grown in the drouth of 1881 measuring over eleven inches in circumference, and the size is well maintained throughout the crop. Skin rich yellow, with a red cheek; flesh yellow, edged with red at the stone, from which it parts freely; juicy, rich and high-flavored, resembling the Susquehanna in quality. Tree strong, vigorous and spreading, ripening a large crop between Oct. 10th and 25th, after all other peaches are gone in that section.

Charles Downing writes as follows, under date of Oct. 14th, 1881, to Col. McFarland: "Your basket containing three peaches was received yesterday in good condition. They are large, fine, showy peaches, of very good quality, especially for a variety ripening so late in the season ; and if they continue in size and quality, and prove as good in other localities, they will be an acquisition as a late market peach, and also for home use".

[With the above we received, on the 5th of October, some specimens confirming the character given there, and the opinion expressed by Mr. Downing. They measure eight and a-half inches round, and the flavor was fair for 'such a late variety. - Ed. G. M.J