They have insect laws in California. Commissioners, three, are appointed, who make the by-laws and enforce them. Here is one by the Commissioners of Nevada County :

" It shall be required of every fruit grower, owner of an orchard or orchards, or lands containing fruit trees, or persons in possession of lands on which there are fruit trees, which are infested with codling moth, larvae or pupae (chrysalis), to destroy such codling moth, its larvae or pupae, before the first day of March each year, by scraping off all rough bark on said trees and cleaning all crevices in bark and crotches. The scrapings must be gathered carefully and destroyed by burning or otherwise. A spread made of old grain sacks or other cloth material should be spread on the ground around the body of the tree before scraping. After scraping, the tree must be washed with an alkaline wash made from a soft soap containing at least nine per cent. of potash, forty-five per cent. of oil or fat, and about forty-six of water. This soap, when made, mixed with twenty-five per cent. of its weight with flower of sulphur. One pound of this mixture to each gallon of water used for washing trees.

Instead of this wash, the whale oil soap and sulphur known as codling moth wash may be used".