We have notice that the next meeting of this body, formerly the " Fruit Growers' Society," will be held in Harrisburg on the third Wednesday in January, 1883. George D. Stitzel, Reading, Pa., is President, and E. B. Engle, Marietta, Secretary. We feel under obligations to Mr. Engle for this early notice. It is not uncommon to have complaints that no notice has been taken of some societies' meetings. Our magazine should appear on the reader's table about the 1st of each month; but its contents must go through the editor's hands at least a month before. We are glad to do all we can for horticultural societies if the officers will give us information in good time.

The annual meeting will be held this year in Harrisburg, on Wednesday and Thursday, 18th and 19th of January, in the rooms of the State Board of Agriculture. The usual programme will be ready shortly.