The raspberry is a native of high northern or mountainous regions, and hence we read of success with kinds in the cooler portions of our country with varieties which, becoming enervated by climates they are not adapted to become the prey of the insects or diseases, and are then too tender to stand even a moderate winter. The editor of the Canadian Horticulturist gives a list of kinds which do well in that region. He commends Highland simply for its earliness, though the Turner, better in other respects, is nearly as early. It a a profuse suckerer, and must have the hoe kept going freely over the ground in the growing sea son. He thinks well of the Cuthbert, and regards the Niagara as a promising variety. The Caroline is a fair white kind. Philadelphia is valued for its enormous crops, but nothing more. Franconia and Clarke, with some faults, seem to be the favorites.