Among the peculiarities of travel in France is that every morning you find two candles fresh on the mantel-piece of your room, and whether used or not, you find these daily " bougies" charged in your bill. It will be some consolation to the people of this country to know that in future "La Chandelle Americaine" is to take the place of the time" honored "bougie." At least "La Science pour tous" says, as we translate it, "the American candle fulfills all the conditions of superior illu- minating power. It will evidently dethrone the ordinary candle, which has existed all along only by virtue of a low price."

"La Science pour tous," or, as we should say, "Science for all," is very enthusiastic over the new light. It says "the new American candle marks a great stage in progress." Just what the American candle is does not appear; but the name of our horticultural correspondent, Charles Joly, seems identified with its introduction.