Messrs. Landreths write : "We send, per express to-day, a sample of our boss watermelon, to which we invite your careful and critical attention. We trust that its merits will justify you in agreeing with us that it is ' The Boss.' "

[Some humorist has said that there is something in the atmosphere about colleges, where young men are preparing for the ministry, which is inimical to the proper maturity of watermelons. They at least get full opportunity to mature in the "atmosphere" of the writer of this - that is, as watermelons generally mature ; but we should have to look somewhere for forgiveness if such temptations as these were often thrown in the way. It is the first watermelon the writer ever felt he thoroughly enjoyed. It was a very large specimen, four feet three inches round one way, and two feet seven inches in girth. Cutting it across the whole was a dense mass of deep scarlet pulp, with the exception of a half-inch of green. With a large circle of admirers of this specimen, the writer was compelled to admit that "there is something in a watermelon after all". - Ed. G. M].