It is not always that bad grounds are the fault of a gardener in charge - not by any means; but yet great numbers might be brought up to popularity if only an intelligent man, with a love for his profession, and good common sense, gets in charge. It is wonderful what enthusiasm from such a quarter will do, to make all around appreciate one's work. An illustration of this is in the government grounds around Parliament Hill at Ottawa. These comprise about thirty-five acres, with several large greenhouses. No one cared particularly about them, and what was given in support was rather grudgingly given. But one with a thorough love of his profession got hold of it. He did not bury the one talent because he could not get ten, but did what he could with that which he had. Little by little his work was admired by others as well as enjoyed by himself. Now there are few things the Ottawa folks are more proud of than their government grounds, and Robertson, the superintendent.