Characters the same as those of the order. The name is from the Latin globulus, a little ball, in allusion to the arrangement of the flowers. None of the erect woody species are quite hardy in this country.

1. G. vulgaris. - A tufted perennial about 6 inches high with spathulate emarginate or shortly tridentate radical leaves and numerous stems clothed with small lanceolate leaves, and terminated by a solitary head of deep blue flowers. A native of the mountains of Europe, flowering in Summer.

2. G. cordifolia. - This is a trailing shrubby species with petiolate obovate-cuneate obtuse emarginate or tridentate leaves and solitary flower-heads terminating the branches. Flowers blue, appearing in early Summer.

G. nudicaulis is another common European species with obtuse radical leaves, leafless flower-scapes, and blue flowers.