1. Cauliflower Disease (Apkelenchus fragariw). This small worm is only 075 to 080 mm. long in the female, smaller in the male, yet in numbers it is capable of producing a serious disease in Strawberries known as Cauliflower Disease, owing to the swollen stems and crowded buds producing a growth similar to that vegetable. The minute white Eelworms are found in the buds and other parts of the plants, where they breed. The worms can also live in the soil for some time. All diseased plants should be lifted at once and burnt, and the holes filled in with hot lime.

2. The Root Eelworm (Tylenchus devcistatrix) also does harm to Strawberries. The attacked plants rot and decay away below and at ground level. The leaves become crinkled, especially at the edges. This is the same parasite that causes Tulip Root in Oats, and occurs in Onions, Clover, and Hyacinths, in Hops and decaying Cabbage stumps. The worms live and breed in the plants and also exist in the soil. The female is 1/20in .long Lime and sulphate of potash have most effect on Eelworm and should be used where the plants are attacked. Sulphate of potash, however, often has a bad effect on the plants.