Anne de Diesbach is a hardy Rose and a good bloomer, bearing many large and deliciously fragrant flowers of a rich carmine-rose colour. The flowers are of fine form and are very good for cutting; stems quite long. A charming Rose, and really next in value to Ulrich Brunner.

Mrs. John Laing, soft pink in colour, with large, fragrant blossoms, and perfectly hardy; a good blooming Rose.

There is a Polyantha Rose, Clothilde Soupert, that should have a place in the garden. It is white in colour often changing to light rose, and two distinct colours are often seen on the same plant.

There is a pink variety that is also good, but it does not bloom quite so freely as the white. This little Rose bears its flowers in clusters and keeps putting them forth unceasingly from the middle of June until the black frosts; I have found it blooming in the garden after several days of hard freezing weather. It is of a most modest disposition and will-consent to bloom unseen for an indefinite period. It has been forgotten in the garden and allowed to become completely smothered by the rank Midsummer growth of Dahlia, Phlox, Zinnia, etc., and yet appeared smilingly, covered with bloom after a heavy frost had mowed down its more susceptible companions. It has never required more protection in Winter than the perpetual Roses.