The man who shall cure the quince fruit from its knots, and give us a fair, equable, preserving material as free from worms as a good apple, will do the housekeeper a prodigious service. Some cultivators conquer the curculio enemy, why not the quince destroyer?

Tin is said in Harpers' Magazine to be transported from England to Chicago, made there into vessels of use, taken back to England in a manufactured state, competing with English made articles. Surely we are feeding our relatives, and gradually superseding them in various manufactures.

The indebtedness of man to the vegetable world is illustrated by the two substances of gutta percha and India rubber; but for these the great progress in the arts would have long waited development; the telegraph by sea is indebted to the former for insulation, and many processes and conveniences are promoted by the latter. The trees which yield the largest supply of the best quality of caoutchouc consist of various species of Hevea of South America. Some portions of the northern districts, especially in the province of Para and parts of the valley of the Amazon are covered to a great extent with heveas. The abundance of these in Para may be judged of by the fact that this province alone exported 7,340 tons in 1877. Among the species the Hevea Brasiliensis attains the height of sixty or seventy feet; the Hevea Guianensis, a similarly magnificent tree, likewise abundantly produces caoutchouc. The leaves are handsome and adapted to greenhouse culture by their deep color and general .beauty, especially the Ficus elastiea.