The London Garden has the following to say about American tomatoes, but we are not so sure of the Garden's conclusion. A tomato ripened under an American sun is something no English climate can reach. Of course to get them in good condition to the English market, they would have to be gathered here before fully ripe, and this will prevent, perhaps, our best qualities reaching England. We have little doubt, however, that with experience, they will be placed on the English market in prime condition, and, if there be no other objection than that referred to by the Garden, we fancy American tomatoes have a fair chance of the best English market.

"We have just seen an importation of fresh American tomatoes from New Jersey. They have arrived in fair condition considering the distance, but although unbroken and very carefully packed, some of them were in that half-decomposed state so easily detected by the experienced eye. It is a mistake to send tomatoes here, for even if they could come in good condition they would have to contend with a large supply of English grown sorts, and most people would be inclined to purchase the article that could be had fresh, even if dearer. They were packed in paper, and the interior of the box was lined with oiled paper."