As a supplement to Mr. Henderson's paper, a prominent firm hands us the enclosed, which we publish just aa received, suppressing only the names; as we are sure the fortunate proprietor of such a distinguished tree would never forgive us for connecting his name with a vulgar advertisement. "-----------,--------------., Ala., Nov. 8,1880.

"-----------------: - I wish to sell one of the most remarkable shade trees that ever grew for beauty, elegance and style; thrifty and durable; acclimated; has no equal, and superior to anything you ever saw shade the ground. I shall have a few seeds to sell, and if you can sell them for me name your commission, and I will order a shipment to be made to you ; and I should be pleased if you will give me the names of reliable seedsmen in Philadelphia, Boston and New York, to whom I wish to make also consignments. Very respectfully, R. J. D.

"N. B. - The tree is Valambrosa.the most beautiful ornamental tree which ever grew. The seeds will be worth fifty cents apiece.

"Let me know if you can sell. R. J. D."