" W. F.," Sandusky, Ohio, writes : " I have a Camellia (double red) which has about fifteen buds. They seem to be on a standstill, and I think they should be opening now. I have had them this way before when they finally dropped off. I had a double white one in full bloom, about a month ago; they both had the best care, their leaves being sponged every day since last fall. I have them in a front room, where geraniums, roses, azaleas, heliotropes, and other flowers are in bloom ; average temperature about 60° Fahrenheit; hard coal stove in adjoining room. No buds dropped off as yet. If you could advise me what to do, to save the buds and get them to bloom, I shall be under many obligations to you.

[There are so many reasons why Camellia buds drop, that without seeing the plants no one could give a reason in a special case. If for a long time the plants have been in the shade and suddenly removed to bright sunlight, they may drop. If sulphuric acid gas, from bad coal, attacks them, they may fall. Or they may fall from anything which injures the tips of the roots - that is fungus, stagnant water, or dryness of the soil. - Ed. G. M].