Many of the plants used for cut flowers are grown in open ground during summer, and transplanted to the forcing-houses in the fall. The past season interfered very much with the summer growth of these plants, and hence they have not given the amount of flowers as usual. On the other hand, there seems to have been a more active demand, and hence prices have been very well sustained. General Jacqueminot Roses still bring the highest price of any rose. Cornelia Cook and Catherine Mermet are growing in popularity; though Bon silene, Saffrano, Isabella Sprunt, and Marshal Niel, are still the main dependence.

The best class of bouquets brought generally from $10 to $15 each. Bouvardias, Mignonette, Callas, Heliotrope, Carnations, are still the chief reliance of florists. Violets, Orchids, and other rare things are special fancies. There seems to be an increasing tendency to value some special novelty. Any florist who has courage enough to grow some really beautiful thing in large quantity and can get the use of some large firm to introduce it, can usually succeed.